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The Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California offers a variety of treatments to change the contours of different areas of your body. We have the ability to address concerns such as excess fat, muscle laxity and cellulite. Here’s an overview of the various options, which you can then click on for more information.


What Is Body Contouring?

It used to be that if you wanted to change the contour of your abdomen or your profile, you’d have to resort to surgery: a tummy tuck for your abdomen and a neck lift or lower facelift for your jowls. Liposuction came along in the 1980s to suction away unwanted fat, but it still was an invasive procedure that dictated recovery time.

Then in 2010, the FDA approved CoolSculpting a non-invasive procedure that delivered controlled cooling to freeze and kill fat cells. It removed up to 22 percent of the fat in the area without any incisions or recovery. The Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California played a pivotal role in CoolSculpting’s FDA approval, conducting research and performing numerous clinical trials for the technology.

Since that time, various other treatments have come on the scene to address your double chin, unwanted fat pockets, cellulite, skin tightness, and even muscle tone. All have one thing in common — they slim and tighten the areas they target. And, amazingly, they do so with minimal to no downtime.


Am I a Candidate for Body Contouring?

Everyone could use a little help here and there. For our body contouring procedures, patients generally should be close to or at their ideal body weight. With multiple treatment modalities available, our doctors have the ability to provide customized treatment plans for your unique concerns. There really is something for everyone!


Our Body Contouring Procedures

Here’s a brief description of the various procedures/treatments we offer at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California:

  • Cellfina — Cellfina is an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure that improves the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs for at least three years. Cellfina uses a patented handpiece that inserts a tiny needle to break the connective bands that cause cellulite dimples.

  • CoolSculpting — CoolSculpting amazed the world when it was introduced in 2010, eliminating about 20 percent of the fat in the treatment area without a single incision. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells (they freeze at a higher temperature than the surrounding muscle and support tissues) and the body flushes them from the system. Originally approved for just the flanks, CoolSculpting is now approved for the abdomen, flanks, underneath the buttocks, thighs, back fat, bra line fat, double chins, and upper arms. We are the premier CoolSculpting provider in Sacramento with over 5000 treatments performed and counting!

  • Emsculpt — Emsculpt is a non-invasive, no downtime body contouring treatment that builds muscle and burns fat for improvement in the tone and shape of the abdomen of buttocks. Emsculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to induce approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per 30-minute session. In clinical trials, four Emsculpt treatments, spaced at least two days apart, averaged a 16 percent increase in muscle mass and a 19 percent average fat reduction.

  • Kybella — Kybella is a prescription injectable treatment used to improve the appearance of submental fat, also called a “double chin”. When injected, the active ingredient in Kybella- deoxycholic acid, permanently destroys fat cells, so they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This results in a noticeable reduction in fullness, revealing an improved profile.

  • ThermiTight — ThermiTight is a minimally invasive skin-tightening procedure. It inserts a tiny probe under the surface skin of the treatment area. The probe emits radiofrequency energy to heat and contract the skin. This stimulates the body to produce new collagen as a response to heat in the dermis layer, and this continues to tighten and firm the skin for up to a year. ThermiTight is most popular on the face, neck, upper arms, stomach, and knee areas.


What Is the Recovery like After These Body-Contouring Procedures?

There really isn’t any “recovery” with any of these procedures, where you have to miss work and lay in bed all day. Kybella creates some swelling under the chin as the deoxycholic acid starts attacking the fat cells. CoolSculpting can create some soreness and slight bruising in the treatment area. Cellfina can leave areas where the connective bands have been cut tender for two to three days after treatment. But none of these procedures should require time off work.


How Long Do Results Last from These Body-Contouring Treatments?

Each of these procedures is different. CoolSculpting and Kybella destroy and remove unwanted fat cells permanently. Emsculpt also removes fat, but its muscle growth can reverse if you become sedentary. Cellfina is approved for three years of cellulite reduction, but as this is a relatively new procedure with only about three years of study, the results could last far longer. ThermiTight tightens skin for up to one year.

Ask us about the procedures you’re interested in and we’ll give you more specifics on what you can expect.


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